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Huntsville Homes, LLC mission began in 2005 in Alabama and is dedicated to the preservation of the American Dream of Home Ownership. It seems achieving it is half the dream and keeping more of your hard earned equity when you sell your property is the other half. True home value is said to be found in an arms length transaction for cash paid by a buyer to a property seller.

Mr. Sam Walton has been attributed with stating “If you want to know what the people want, ask them”. That is exactly what we did and have designed specialized services combined with cutting edge technology to help buyers and sellers of real property to close their transactions in a reasonable and more professional/personal manner promoting an easy, stable, and exciting transaction for both parties. Learn more about our best practices and services available for you now by clicking your link below.

Three levels of membership are available:
Free Membership, Six Month Mutual Listing System (MLS), and Twelve Month Mutual Listing System (MLS).