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Home Sellers Discover Best Methods To Save Money

Hello there! Welcome to North Alabama’s most ambitious website for real estate. You can get access to opportunities here not offered elsewhere. Seriously, we believe we can help you keep more of your hard earned equity dollars when selling your home. You can save thousands of dollars by drastically reducing the negotiated fees required to market and subsequently sell your property. We also believe we have, hands down, the absolute best property marketing tools and technology in our area and that our marketing tools far surpass traditional home marketing methods. Our methods are proprietary too. Copyright 2014 Huntsville Homes, LLC.

We believe you should get performance based property marketing when you sell your home and that we are the best company in our area to provide this for you. I know we can save you money. We provide multiple property marketing programs as well, so investors can benefit from our services too. Act now and receive your own Internet online scheduling package complete with your personal back office area to schedule showings for your home when it is convenient for your daily activities. You then can choose mobile marketing and website services that effectively market your property without you having to be an expert in such matters. Specialized programs are available to help you with potential buyers in real time with buyer activity analysis reports available monthly. Learn how simple it is for you to benefit from performance based marketing that helps sell your home quicker and can make you money too. Enroll in our quick and easy Mutual Listing System & marketing programs where you sell it yourself! You control when to show your home. Call us now @ (256) 763-0212 for an appointment to share the future of real estate marketing. We save you money!

There’s much more we can offer too. More than we cover here… We know of no one else that offers all the easy, convenient, and low cost methods we utilize to help you sell or buy a home in North Alabama. You get strong technologically advanced methods previously unknown to our industry that are specific to the local market area and your home for sale. We know you will want to know more about our services and more of the unique marketing techniques that can save you thousands of dollars in commission and other fees. Take a moment now and give us a call or click here and select your best option for free information! We are happy to explain why we believe our Mutual Listing System (MLS) is best. We disclose all fees and options upfront with a small starter fee of only $78.00 available with a performance based seller benefit option.

Oh, and we are local too, so we can personally meet with you at mutually convenient times at your request. You can talk with us when you need us! We are substantially different compared to those out of town companies, who likely don’t have a good pulse on what is happening now, when you need it, in the local market place.

Other companies may expect you to pay $300, $600, $1000 or more in upfront fees with no guarantee of you getting a buyer interested; much less a qualified buyer. They may make lots of promises too; I just don’t know. I use local talent when I have a need for a product or service. The economic benefit of local taxes helping our children through local schools and ultimately the quality of an educated workforce to help local companies compete in world wide markets is priceless. We strongly believe in supporting legitimate, morally sound business of any kind locally when possible. This includes your desire to sell your home by owner. You can choose performance based property marketing services where you benefit and you can get started quickly and easily for only $78.00. After all, it’s your home for sale. Right? So why pay excessive fees upfront to anyone?

Discover a new way to sell your home where you and your local community benefit when you sell your home by owner using local talent like us backing you up. Call us @ (256) 763-0212 and find out how you can save more $$$ while enjoying, kind, courteous, and local help. We look forward to helping you succeed!

P.S. We get paid to explain our services to you, so feel free to ask as many questions as you desire. We want you to be fully informed, not fast talked… Trust is what we are about.